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Our naturopathic approach to weight loss

Obesity is another major health challenge for women, affecting a sizable number of people with significant consequences on women’s health. When it comes to losing weight, there is no fast way to get it done. This is the fundamental philosophy of naturopathy, which focuses essentially on lifestyle modifications and exercise to achieve the desired result in a simple, strategic, and effective manner. With naturopathy, the body depends on its own powers rather than drugs or supplements.

No single diet suits everyone, and not all diets are safe for everyone. At Moontides, we help you understand the fundamentals of food and nutrition and the effect on your physical and emotional wellbeing.   We analyse every client’s diet and provide recommended changes that can help to reduce illness symptoms, improve general health, enhance mood and raise energy levels.

If there is any indication that you have a problem with gastrointestinal function, we have a range of laboratory tests, including food sensitivity tests and complete digestive stool analysis, that can help identify the problem. Changing dietary habits that you may have had since childhood is not always easy to do, so we work with each client on an individual basis to form a plan that is both suitable and achievable.

We understand how difficult it could be at times to adapt to a new norm, especially when it has to do with diet and lifestyle. Thus, we devise a bespoke strategy for each person that works for them based on their current lifestyles and slowly ease them into a healthier and better lifestyle. We never forget to educate the patients on the ultimate reason for making the decision as we have found out a reminder of the goal is enough to keep many people steadfast.

With naturopathy, the goal is not simply weight loss but to address the lifestyle leading to obesity in the first place. Obesity is usually caused by several problems such as an imbalance in blood sugar, troubled digestion, hormonal mismatch, etc. our approach focuses on first identifying the problems and focusing the solution on them. We believe that once we have identified the root causes, losing weight is achievable with our strategy. We focus on gradual weight loss, and once you start implementing the weight loss strategy, you will immediately see the difference in your health.

Our weight loss strategy also focuses on improving your overall health, both physically and mentally. Several times, our mental state contributes significantly to our physical state. Stress and anxiety have been known to cause unhealthy eating habits where people eat junks to combat stress. Sometimes, lack of adequate sleep can also affect a person and cause weight gain. Thus, we ensure that you are not just changing your eating habits in terms of what you eat but also what you do and think.

We also make use of herbs as part of our naturopathic approach to weight loss.