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The relationship between spiritual, physical, and mental wellbeing

At Moontides, we view spiritual health as playing an important role in a person’s capacity to heal and maintain their health.

We do not support any particular religion. We do support a woman’s right to follow any religion she chooses. We follow the basic spiritual premise of respecting yourself, respecting others and respecting your environment.

To support your personal journey, we will shortly bring you a range of classes to provide information, guidance or support along your path. Our spiritual wellbeing programs focus on the vital force. We believe that if health is the absence of disease, it is equally the presence of the vital force.

Natural medicine takes the approach that this vital force is the intelligence beyond any of the measurable components of atoms and cells. When our vital force is compromised in any way, the effects reverberate throughout the vital energy force, and illness is the consequence. Alongside the doctrines, there is an ever-increasing choice of alternative modalities ranging from acupuncture, homoeopathy and naturopathy, to kinesiology, iris analysis and pulse testing, to name only a few, which deal with aligning the body’s energies.

A rising number of people have become in some way disconcerted with modern medical techniques and the mechanistic approach to their health. As the mind-body connection is made, there is a realisation that it is more than just the biological homeostasis which must be maintained for health, but also the corresponding emotional, psychological and esoteric energies of the physical body and practitioners who offer this approach are increasingly sought. Otherwise, unexplained spontaneous cancer remissions have been linked to changes in attitude or the adoption of meditation practices and other practices which are believed to affect a person’s vibrational energy levels.

Modern medicine cannot explain the link between the vital force and health or disease. It cannot be seen, captured, controlled, measured, or tested by any of the instruments known to science, so it is often dismissed as nonsense.

History assures us of its existence – In China, it is known as chi, Sankrist Indians call it Prana, Japanese know it as Ki, Christ referred to it as Mana, Hippocrates called it “vis medicatrix naturae” (Evidently a notion of this energy has existed for years, waning in and out of the human conscious experience like a nagging reminder that regardless of the greatness of our sciences, there is no greater power than that of the life force. It has been proven that it is a field beyond the testing capabilities (if not knowledge) of modern science.

Ancient Greeks, Celts, Chinese, Indian and indigenous cultures all around the world practised at some time in their history a form of healing which is today referred to as ‘holistic’, ‘new age ‘, ‘alternative’ or ‘complementary’ medicine.

Choose from a range of different meditation classes, the women’s awareness workshop or seminars facilitated by speakers on various spiritual topics.