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Naturopathic approach to general wellbeing

Naturopathy is based on the belief that our body has an innate ability to heal itself given the right support. At Moontides, our approach is focused on natural solutions such as a change in diet and lifestyle to achieve a positive change in your health.

If you need to:

  • reduce pain
  • reduce fatigue
  • improve your diet
  • increase your exercise
  • manage your weight
  • manage a condition naturally that has not responded well to conventional treatments.

Your Naturopathic Case Manager will explore the physical, mental and emotional factors affecting your health before creating a personal healthcare plan for your individual needs.

Your NCM may refer you for pathology tests to help determine your Health Risk Analysis. These may include; allergy tests, heavy metal tests, saliva tests, food sensitivity tests, hair mineral analysis, gastrointestinal testing, hormonal or osteoporosis tests.

Our General Health Services use multiple approaches, which include;


Moontides Workshops have been created for those wanting to better understand their particular condition or health problem. Designed for each of our speciality areas, come along to discover the facts, the latest research and treatment options, as well as meet others to gain support and share your experience.

Why attend a workshop?

Armed with a greater understanding and awareness of your health, you can confidently contribute to your own wellbeing by making informed health care choices.

Specialist Health Workshops will enjoy a regular rotation throughout the year. We will also offer a variety of guest Workshops that will run for strictly limited times. All Moontides Workshops are facilitated by fully qualified and registered practitioners with participant numbers limited to ensure everyone receives the best outcome for the time and money invested.

Our workshops offer a warm, friendly environment in which to learn more about yourself, a family member or a loved one.


Moontides also offers women’s General Health eBooks and eBooklets in eReader formats. Moderately priced, Moontides ebooks offer in-depth, natural health care information for each of our speciality areas. You will be able to download your ebook on your home computer, or palm pilot, for convenience and easy reference. If you prefer, you can print a copy for offline reading.

At Moontides, we take pride in our solution-oriented approaches to every issue that has to do with your general health. Naturopathy is not a substitute for medical solutions but rather a complement. We understand this and help you devise solutions that will not in any way affect whatever medical prescription or treatment that you are currently on. Instead, we focus on helping you find a lasting solution to any health problem while also preventing a probable health crisis. We believe that by incorporating a naturopathic approach into your daily living, you can maintain your good health at all times.