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Our naturopathic approach to fertility

One couple in every six experience difficulty conceiving. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle is a major factor in this startling statistic. Through natural and practical solutions, we assist couples having difficulty with conception.

Causes of Infertility

  • Being overweight or underweight can affect your chances of conceiving.
  • Heavy metal toxicity can cause problems conceiving.
  • Hormonal imbalances are a common cause of infertility.
  • Thyroid imbalances can cause spontaneous abortion.
  • Although rare, it is possible to be allergic to your partner’s sperm.

Facts about infertility

Although often perceived as a woman’s problem, infertility can roughly be accounted to men in 40% of cases and women in 40% of cases, with 20% of cases of infertility having an unknown cause.

Natural Treatments for Infertility

It takes up to 116 days for the formation of sperm and up to 100 days prior to ovulation for a healthy ovum to mature.

A natural approach will use a menstrual chart to determine when you ovulate and determine the dates on which you are most likely to conceive. This will also help take the guesswork out of your due date if you do conceive.

Salivary hormone tests can help to determine your fertility status. If an imbalance is detected, treatments may involve herbal and nutritional supplements.  Diet and lifestyle modifications are also deemed an important part of natural fertility treatments. Preconception care involves both partners embarking on a health care program designed to ensure optimal health of the parents before conception occurs.

Preconception Care provides a cost-effective approach to infertility and can be used in conjunction with IVF. The ultimate goal is to potentially improve the future health of your offspring.

Resources for Infertility

Services available through Moontides include:

  • Preconception care workshop
  • Private consultations with a Naturopathic Case Manager
  • Salivary hormone testing
  • Heavy metal testing

What is Preconception Care?

Preconception Care is a safe and cost-effective approach to conceiving, giving you a better chance of having a child. It takes up to 116 days for the formation of sperm and up to 100 days prior to ovulation for a healthy ovum to mature. Meaning, to give your child the best egg & sperm, as free as possible of toxins and other growth retardants, you will need at least 116 days to prepare yourselves.

Your Moontides NCM will gather details about your diet, lifestyle, general health condition and any medications you are taking. You will be given a menstrual chart to record and observe the patterns of your cycle. Where appropriate, your Moontides NCM will refer you for hormonal testing.

Reducing Stress

While emotional stresses associated with infertility can be devastating, placing great pressure on personal relationships, it’s important to actively reduce stress at every opportunity. Relaxation treatments, support groups or your NCM can offer practical advice to minimise the impact on your health.